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#004 - Startup Analytics with Dennis Still


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I had the pleasure of speaking with Dennis Still, Founder & Chief Insights Analyst at Bigfoot Analytics, on what it takes to be an analyst in a startup or small company. Dennis has worked for larger companies before but has really spent the bulk of his career in analytics at smaller companies. Dennis is a data "hacker" at heart and I really enjoyed getting his perspective on the skill set and passion that's required to survive in a small company as an analyst. 

On this episode we discuss the following…

  • Dennis' journey from social science to data and analytics 
  • What's currently required of analysts today and how expectations have changed over the years
  • Some common client questions and how to navigate the challenging conversations
  • How Dennis sees the difference in startup analytics and enterprise level talent
  • Practical advice for new data analysts entering the field, where and how to find what you're passionate about, and the mentality you have to have when choosing to work at a small company or a startup
  • Dennis' must have data tools and things he does to stay relevant as an analyst
  • We broke out Dennis' crystal ball for a moment and reflected on the future of the analytics industry 

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