#010 - Intro to Agile Marketing with Femi Olajiga


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On this episode I had the pleasure of talking with Femi Olajiga, Agile Marketing Coach at CX Conversion and author of Lean Agile Marketing.

Femi started his career in IT as a Network Engineer at Cisco and eventually made his way into digital marketing as a digital and conversion rate optimization analyst, eventually finding his way into Agile. After holding several positions across those disciplines, Femi decided to start his own practice at CX Conversion where he consults on various Agile and Digital Marketing services.

Femi is here today to talk with us about Agile Marketing, share his experiences, and provide us with a good primer on the subject. We begin our conversation talking about some of the different flavors of Agile and how Femi has seen Marketing teams adopt them into their processes. We then talk about some of the challenges that come with adopting an Agile framework into businesses and we move onto some of the more granular details like cross-functional teams, skill sets, and tips for individuals looking to make improvements to their marketing function.

Whether you’re interested in introducing Agile to your organization or just looking to make some improvements to the way you work in your current role, this episode has some good insights on how to become a more effective marketer.


  • Femi's journey from selling chickens in Nigeria to consulting corporations like Verizon and Avis on Agile marketing.

  • Flavors of agile and three key areas that can be improved to make your marketing teams more efficient.

  • The most common Agile marketing teams and also the most challenged.

  • How Agile typically gains adoption and practical advice for those who wish to introduce to their functional teams.

  • When T-Shaped skills are effective and when they are not.

  • Common misconceptions and tips for those interested in improving their marketing function.

  • Introduction to Lean Agile Marketing and Femi’s ongoing research on Agile marketing.




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