#009 - Data Engineering with Jose Bergiste


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One of the many reasons for this podcast is to connect with new people in the industry and learn from their experiences. On this episode, I'm happy to introduce Jose Bergiste, Principle Analytics Consultant at Congetik. Jose reached out to me as a fan of the podcast several weeks ago and asked if he could be a guest on the show to educate others in this space on what it’s like to be a data engineer. I loved his mission and though that it fit right into the narrative of this podcast.

We began our conversation talking about what data engineers do then we get into the day-to-day aspects of being a data engineer, how they fit within organizations, their relationships with marketing, IT, and data teams. Then we touch on the market and what Jose does to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.

Whether your an aspiring data engineer or work in other areas of marketing, this episode has some good insights on the industry and how they're becoming a more important role in digital marketing. 

Show highlights and what you'll learn...

  • How Jose got into data engineer and his experience at Walt Disney Company
  • Jose describes some of the day-to-day aspects and types of data engineering 
  • Where data engineering teams fit into organizations, the culture, and how they support digital marketing
  • The relationship between data, marketing, IT, and data engineering teams
  • A little on the current market of data engineering and keeping your skills relevant 
  • Recommended resources for aspiring data engineers

Reach and connect with Jose:

People, Technology, and Resources Mentioned

Jose, thanks for this awesome iTunes review and for being a listener of the podcast. Much appreciated and I look forward to future conversations with you. 

First episode in and I am very impressed. Very good content. Cool topics and well delivered. I like that it is not super technical but also not shallow. You gain good insights and learn a few things from it. Can’t wait for more.
— Jose Bergiste

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