#016 - Augmenting Customer Research with Behavioral Data


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I was introduced to customer research several years ago but didn’t really make the connection to digital marketing until almost four years ago when leading a testing and optimization team at Best Buy. I was all in on customer research, not as a researcher, but in terms of how digital analytics and a well-oiled A/B testing program could augment research and deliver a better overall customer experience.

Obviously time is money and resources are limited. Unfortunately, this is a reality for most of us. However, that shouldn’t stop us from delivering a better customer experience should it?

That’s why I’ve invited Jennifer Havice to join me today. Jennifer, founder of Make Mention Media and Communications, a conversion copywriting and CRO consulting company, joined me to share her perspective on this very question. In this episode, she shares why she thinks that research is so important and often neglected. She also provides her take on the research market and how behavioral data can be a powerful tool for augmenting research.


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#003 - Testing & Optimization with Brian Hawkins


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On this episode Brian Hawkins, Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified, joined me to talk about testing and optimization. Brian brings over a decade of experience in testing and personalization to the table so it was a privilege to have him on the show. 

Due to time constraints, we barely scratched the surface of testing on this episode so I plan on doing more on this topic in the future. It's an area that I'm passionate about and one that we warrants much more conversation. Leave a comment below or on Facebook if there's a specific aspect of testing that interests you. I will take that into consideration when putting together the next episode. 

On this episode we discuss the following…

  • Common challenges within the practice of testing and optimization
  • Emerging solutions and technology that's changing the landscape of experimental testing
  • Tips for testing when traffic is low
  • Takeaways from Adobe Summit 2018
  • Introduction to MiaProva, an Optimization Management Platform

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