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#015 - Loyalty and Personalization in Healthcare


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Have you ever wondered how consumer expectations are changing the way healthcare payers and providers think about the overall consumer healthcare experience? Wondering how healthcare companies are harnessing data or from wearable devices? Or, maybe you’re wondering how healthcare companies are going to drive innovation in a heavily regulated industry. Wonder no more!

On this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rahul Goyal, Director of Digital Analytics and Personalization at UnitedHealth Group and Tess MacGibbon, Account Director at The Lacek Group about all of this. Well, briefly since we only had fifty minutes. Both guests are incredibly knowledgeable about healthcare which made this a fun and enlightening episode. Listen in as Rahul and Tess provide an insiders perspective on data, personalization and loyalty in the healthcare industry.

show highlights and what you’ll learn…

  • The rise of consumer expectations in the healthcare sector

  • Challenges with personalizing healthcare experiences for consumers

  • How the healthcare industry thinks about personalization and what they’re doing to address today’s challenges

  • How personalization drives loyalty in healthcare; the current state of loyalty and where there are opportunities for innovation

  • Data and analytics talent in the healthcare industry; what UHG is doing to bridge gaps between talent types and the business

  • The future of loyalty and personalization in healthcare


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