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#013 - Agile Marketing Development & Teams


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Two episodes ago I had Femi Olajiga on the show to give us an intro on agile marketing and to share his experience and research in this field. On that episode he provided an overview of some agile methodologies, how he has seen organizations adopt these methodologies and the skill sets needed to be successful. Though I enjoyed our conversation, I had many more questions so I sought out a couple of veterans in the field to provide us with some perspective and to answer questions that the podcast listeners and I still have about agile marketing.

David Stark, Head of Digital Strategy & Web Operations at 3D Systems Corporation and one of IBM’s original agile evangelists, joined me with over twenty years of experience in digital marketing and agile. My second guest, Pat McManus, Sr. Director of Strategy at The Lacek Group joined me to discuss current agile methods used while developing a loyalty program for one of the agencies largest strategic accounts.

On this episode we discuss the mindset of agile, team structures, working with external partners, how data teams can adopt an agile mindset and more.

Whether you’re new to agile, evolving your program or just looking to adopt an agile mindset, there’s 40+ years of combined knowledge to draw from in this episode so listen in and share your thoughts with us on Linkedin or Twitter (links below).

Show highlights and what you'll learn...

  • Intro to David and Pat’s combined 40+ years of digital marketing and agile experience

  • Why having an agile mindset does not simply mean moving faster

  • Team structures, skill sets needed and integrating with cross-functional teams for creative problem solving

  • Growing into an agile practice and what that means for team members with non-traditional agile titles and roles

  • Finding the right agency partners, relationships and cross-functional engagement in an agile environment

  • How The Lacek Group drives effective collaboration across internal and external clients to meet the needs of one of it’s largest strategic account

  • Taking a product to market (eg. loyalty program) with core benefits, large scope and a long timeline while remaining agile enough to deliver short-term promotional benefits

  • How agile frameworks and methodologies can be used on data teams to meet the needs of organizational demands

  • Parting tips and wisdom for those who are eager to learn about agile or introduce agile into their organization

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