#007 - Online Learning for Data Science


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Data programming has been a topic of interest of mine for the past year and peaked just a few months ago. I started attending R sessions at conferences to gain as much knowledge as I could and to decide if this was a development track I wanted to pursue. R and Python have been gaining in popularity over the past several years so I thought maybe I was late to the game. Judging by the crowd at these conferences there were a lot of beginners and curious attendees. Maybe I'm not so late after all.

After enough research and conferences, I decided that R was the better fit and aligned well with my career path. So, I scratched the itch. Well, I tried. However, like most people learning something new, I had lots and lots of questions but didn't want to waste anymore time searching for online help. R was incredibly confusing and I was getting nowhere fast, so I switched directions and looked for a structured learning program instead. If there was a logical learning progression for guitar or jiu jitsu, I had decided that there must be one for data programming too.

Turns out I was right...I think. I started out with a free trial from DataCamp but after a couple of weeks I realized that the subscription would save me a lot of time and frustration. 

After making it half way through the intermediate R course I asked Robert Daniel, Chief Sales Officer at DataCamp, to join me on the podcast to talk a little bit about online learning for data scientists. Don't worry, this episode isn't a sales pitch for DataCamp. Because my journey took about a year, I imagine that others are also looking for resources and wondering where to get started. If that's you, listen to this episode. It's intended to be informative and a short listen.

Enjoy and leave a comment below if you have other resources that you'd like to recommend.   

On this episode we discuss the following…

  • Intro to DataCamp and their mission
  • Why online learning has emerged and servicing the data scientist community
  • How businesses are adopting online programs to train their data scientists
  • What DataCamp has learned from learners over the past 4 years and how that’s driving product innovation
  • How DataCamp designs their learning tracks around the way data scientists learn
  • The two main differences between DataCamp and other online learning programs
  •  Continuing your data programming education and available learning tracks

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