#017 - Separating Signals From The Noise


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Michelle Wildenauer and Tyler Love join us to discuss data signals, an incredibly important (and challenging) part of modern marketing. See highlights below for details. This episode is the first of a six part series that I am recording with The Lacek Group (my employer) on customer engagement. Future episodes in this series will include topics ranging from data insights, how to create emotional content, customer privacy, and more. Come back soon for new episodes or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes to get notified when a new episode on this series becomes available.


  • A primer on data signals

  • How The Lacek Group, a leading loyalty service provider, leverages data signals for customer engagement

  • Inbound questions on data signals from industry leading brands and Lacek clients

  • Common challenges that are keeping brands from sending out data driven communication across their marketing channels

  • Three takeaways that will help you and your organization leverage data signals for cross-channel marketing communication


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