#011 - Introductory Guide to Creating a 360 Degree View of Customer


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In this episode Jose Bergiste, Principe Analytics Consultant at Cognetik, joins me to help provide an introductory guide for marketing leaders on how to create a 360 degree view of the customer. We start by discussing some of the general challenges and solutions when creating a 360 degree of the customer. Then we dive into the importance of vendor consolidation, APIs, and identity resolution solutions on the technology side. In terms of strategy, we discuss practical tips on how to improve authentication rates, the importance of digital analytics and A/B testing. We pivot and discuss other considerations such as staffing, data storage and insights. We end on a few tips on how to approach vendor evaluations which we will discuss in much more depth in an upcoming episode.

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Show highlights and what you'll learn...

  • We define what we mean by “360 degree view of the customer”

  • Common challenges a marketing leader should be aware of when creating a single 360 degree view of the customer

  • Why you should expect Martech integrations

  • The role of Application Program Interfaces (API) and why they are important

  • The role of probabilistic matching and identity resolution solutions

  • How to offset technology challenges with a customer-centric strategy

  • Staffing considerations and how culture drives vendor evaluation/selection

  • The importance of data storage, centralization and customer insights

  • A few tips in approaching the vendor evaluation process to tease an upcoming episode which will be strictly focused on this particular point in the process. Will update when that podcast is published.

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