I'm Brian Poe, and I'm a digital marketer based in Minneapolis with experience in digital analytics and experimental testing for companies across many industries, including Target and Best Buy. 


I'm currently the Director of Data Intelligence at The Lacek Group, a specialty agency under Ogilvy & Mather, where I am responsible for digital and omni-channel measurement. Fun, I know!

Whether in search of an answers or curious at heart, you're probably on a mission to learn more about marketing in an omni-channel world. You're not alone because according to an eMarketer survey in September of 2017, only 37% of retailers worldwide are currently doing personalized communication and only 22% have a customer centered, cross-channel marketing strategy. Hence, why I've created this podcast, The Digital Measure Show. Visit the podcast page for more information and the blog for all of the episodes. 

If you're interested in becoming a guest on the podcast or just want to chat about an episode, DM me via Twitter or LinkedIn. I love talking shop. 



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