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#002 - Customer Data Platforms with James McDermott (Part 2 of 2)


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On this episode I talked with James McDermott, CEO and Co-Founder of Lytics, on Customer Data Platforms. My goal of this episode was to bring a different perspective on CDPs than what Martin Kihn brought through research in the last episode and I think we nailed it. James helped untangle some of the myths we have about CDPs and provided a very passionate perspective on the current and future state of this category.

On this episode we discuss the following…

  • The three components of the Customer Data Platform category
  • Typical questions that marketers have about the technology of CDPs
  • Working with and operationalizing data that comes from data science teams
  • The value of Customer Data Platforms and the problems they are meant to solve
  • Challenging the mental model of marketers and moving from content to people based marketing
  • James on the differences in competing technology and the future of this category

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#001 - Customer Data Platforms with Martin Kihn (Part 1 of 2)


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On this episode I talk with Martin Kihn on Customer Data Platforms which is a feverishly hot topic and category in the current landscape of marketing technology. Martin spent the early part of his advertising career at Digitas in New York before stopping in Minneapolis to work for Fallon as the Director of Analtyics enroute back to New York where he is currently the VP of Research at Gartner.

Advertising is in his blood so it was my mission to convince Mr. Kihn to join me on The Digital Measure Show and get his perspective on this still young and undefined category. Mission complete! 


  • The challenge that Gartner clients are looking to solve and the role of the Customer Data Platform
  • What part of the organization owns the Customer Data Platform
  • How Customer Data Platforms differ from Data Management Platforms, Tag Managers, and even CRM databases  
  • How vendors may differ and why it's a confusing and difficult category for marketers to approach 
  • The likely future of this category and the capabilities that are not yet available 



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