Intro To Customer Experience Research


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Jim Tincher, Journey Mapper-In-Chief at Heart of the Customer joins me to chat about customer experience research (CXR). In this episode we discuss some of the basics, why it’s important, ways to get started in CXR and more. Lot’s of great intro content and resources for those who are interested in applying CXR to their organization.


  • A brief history on customer experience research (CXR)

  • The difference between customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX)

  • Most common adoption challenges that professionals have while advocating for the customer and customer research methods

  • Three types of problems to focus on when trying to drive adoption and develop an effective customer experience practice within an organization

  • Three best practices for developing a CX within your organization

  • Which CXR metrics matter

  • Which challenges CX leaders are solving

  • Thoughts on the future of CX


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