#005 - Product Marketing at a Startup with Paul Feiner


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This episode was a bit of an experiment, nevertheless, a lot of fun. Paul Feiner, Director of Marketing at The Big Know, joined me to talk about product marketing at a local startup. Paul leads the marketing group at The Big Know with various backgrounds in BA, content marketing, and social marketing. He even has has a side hobby, I Love Minnesota Sports, a Facebook page dedicated to Minnesota sports fans.

I've worked with Paul while at GoKart Labs and really admire his witty demeanor and empathy for the end user. Paul is as nice as they come, very passionate, and because he's been honing his craft for the past few years, I wanted to have him on the podcast to talk a little about product marketing at startups through the lens of The Big Know.

Hopefully you find this episode as interesting as I did. If you want to hear more from product marketers like Paul, please leave a request below. As I mentioned, this episode was a bit experimental, but if there's an interest in knowing more product marketing as it relates to martech, adtech, digital marketing, or measurement let me know.