#002 - Customer Data Platforms with James McDermott (Part 2 of 2)


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On this episode I talked with James McDermott, CEO and Co-Founder of Lytics, on Customer Data Platforms. My goal of this episode was to bring a different perspective on CDPs than what Martin Kihn brought through research in the last episode and I think we nailed it. James helped untangle some of the myths we have about CDPs and provided a very passionate perspective on the current and future state of this category.

On this episode we discuss the following…

  • The three components of the Customer Data Platform category
  • Typical questions that marketers have about the technology of CDPs
  • Working with and operationalizing data that comes from data science teams
  • The value of Customer Data Platforms and the problems they are meant to solve
  • Challenging the mental model of marketers and moving from content to people based marketing
  • James on the differences in competing technology and the future of this category

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